“The Gift” – An Amazing Summer Exhibit

Take a look at our online photo exhibit about “The Gift” made by Marcel Labelle and his grandson Alex this past summer! We feature photos from the start (just an outline of the canoe!) to our amazing celebration of The Gift on August 27, 2022.

Paddling The Gift on the River

And the winner is…

The new owner of a beautiful handcrafted quilt by Diane Gallupe is Iwona Mooney.

Iwona is from Stittsville and is an avid quilter. She was visiting family in Mattawa when they attended the museum, she fell in love with the quilt and bought a ticket! She is very happy to have won “this beautiful piece of art”. Congratulations Iwona and we can’t wait to see you when you come to collect the Quilt!

Behind the Scenes by Alex Roberts…

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Roberts and I am one of the museum’s student summer staff. I’ll be going back to school next week, but I’ve had a great time working here.

The canoe launch was a success! It was amazing to finally see the canoe in the water and it was interesting to see the canoe progress throughout the summer.

Over the past few weeks, I assisted in putting the escape room together and helped to create some of the puzzles in it. It’s been fun seeing it all come together. We’ve had quite a few groups try the escape room and our best time completion time is just over 31 minutes!

While working here, I’ve seen many interesting exhibits but one that stands out to me is the rocks, fossils, and gems exhibit. It has many components from different places in Canada. Some of the gems that I find are cool are amethyst, rose quartz, tourmaline, and sliced agate.

Another project I’ve been working on over the summer is collecting information about where our visitors are travelling from. When I get this information, I mark it on the map in our community exhibit to show all the places where people have travelled from. We’ve had visitors from Mattawa and the surrounding areas, but also from all over the world, including Amsterdam, Germany, Australia, Chicago, and Vancouver!

I also painted a rock for the museum garden. Take a look!

Behind the Scenes by Izzy Merritt…

Hello everyone!

My name is Izzy Merritt and this is my first summer working with the Mattawa museum!

We’ve been working on plenty of fun projects, including an escape room (watch out for our announcement about that!) and a scavenger hunt you can do in the museum! 

I’ve had plenty of fun working here and have already learned so much about Mattawa and our history!

One of the fun mini-projects I worked on was a small guessing game!

A nice lady brought us a couple of bags full of plastic bread tags that she found at a yard sale! I took it upon myself to count them all out and put them in a jar for people to guess the amount there was… How many do you think there are?

Send your answer to info@mattawamuseum.ca. Use subject line # of bread tags.

The museum is currently collecting the new cardboard bread tags, we’re open to taking them between 10:00-4:30! Please feel free to stop by if you have any!

It’s been interesting to see Marcelle and his grandson Alex building the canoe just outside the museum. We’ve also been planning the canoe launch event which will be on August 27th, 2022!

I’m very excited to see what projects we work on in the future!