The Town of Mattawa is fortunate to have two rivers meet that are part of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System.

The Mattawa River which flows from Trout Lake at North Bay through a scenic series of lakes (Talon, Pimisi, Chant Plein, Boom), rapids and waterfalls until it joins the mighty Ottawa River at Mattawa.

Mattawa River Map

The Ottawa River has its origin in Lake Temiskaming to the north and follows a moderately active fault line through a veritable canyon of cliffs to a more level country on its way some four hundred miles past the city of Ottawa into the St. Lawrence.

Ottawa River Map

Moosehead Rock, near Mattawa, on the Québec side is such a vertical cliff, it is visible from the secondary highway to Thorne.

Railroad Track going around Moosehead Rock along the Ottawa River

The Town of Temiskaming is on a moderately active faultline. It experiences tremors with fair frequency.

Hydro dams have created a string of scenic lakes all the way to Ottawa. At the north, there is Lac La Cave, Holden Lake and Lac des Chats, mostly all large lakes, and are all navigable when assisted by lifts over dams.

Otto Holden Hydro Dam

Other interesting geological features in or near the surrounding communities include Brent Crater and a mica mine.

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