Behind the Scenes by the Summer Team …


My name is Mia Skelling and I am a 12th grade student at ESCEB here in Mattawa.

Mia Skelling

I am very happy to be apart of the team again this year!

We did a lot of work last year getting everything ready and it’s nice for people to actually see it this year.

I also did my COOP credit for school here this past semester and worked on a presentation detailing what happened over the past 2 years, from the flood to COVID-19.

We look forward to seeing you this season!

Hi everyone!

My name is Amy and I am an 11th grade student at ESCEB here in Mattawa.

Amy Drumm

I enjoy race car driving, spending time with my friends and being with animals.

I am very excited to work along side Mia, Graeme and Judy this summer!


My name is Graeme Kulas, and I am from Mattawa. Currently I am enrolled as a student at Canadore College and working towards a degree in Environmental Science.

Graeme Kulas

I worked at the museum during the year of 2019 as an assistant archivist and am happy to reprise my role once again this season.

My hobbies include fly fishing, music, skiing, and building.

The museum is now open and while each staff member is not on-site every day, they continue working.

Much of my work off-site is digitizing old records and doing research into the items depicted in the records to gain a better understanding of our collection.

I’m always happy to be learning new things on the job.

Stay tuned to this website as we are excited to provide weekly updates on our summer work at the museum. Graeme has provided the first in the series for the summer team.

Behind the Scenes by Graeme Kulas …

This week was very busy for me. While I was not working on-site this week, this does not mean my work had stopped.

I spent most of my time entering old accession cards into a modern system called Past Perfect.

I am nearly finished this batch of cards which barely accounts for about one eighth of all our records.

Accession cards

Thankfully all members off the summer staff are being trained on the program so I won’t be alone.

Graciously hosted by : MikeyPC

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