Behind the Scenes by Judy Toupin …

Time has flown by for us at the Museum.  We’re almost at the end of what we’ve dubbed our Reset Season.  Thank you for following our intrepid team!  Your support and encouragement, both in person, emails and messages  means so much and is truly appreciated.  Thank you for your participation in our fundraisers and for sharing through our FB posts and website.

Thank you to our Board of Directors for keeping our health and safety at the forefront and giving us the opportunity to take this time to refurbish and renovate exhibits, as well as getting our Collections Management in order! It has been a gift of time.  Thank you to wonderful volunteers who have helped us with various projects along the way. Many things could not have been completed without your help.

Most of all, I would like to thank our team of young women, Alex Guscott, Mariah Lejambe and Mia Skelling for their enthusiasm and great work ethic.  It was important for us to take all the necessary precautions around COVID, to keep our work bubble safe. We did that and accomplished so much.  I know that some of what you did won’t be ‘visible’ to the public, but without that behind the scenes work, what our visitors will see wouldn’t have been possible.  What you did behind the scenes will matter to future curators and staff.

One of my personal goals as curator this season was to reach out to this amazing community, to hear your stories, to share your stories, to gather more knowledge and history as we sorted  through our extensive in-house collection.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with more than a few of you, so thank you. We will continue to do that.  Everyone’s voice matters.  It isn’t about the politics of who is speaking, it is about our collective history.  It is about sharing that history for our future generations in this community.  And when it is safe to do so, we want to share those stories with visitors.

October is Women’s History Month, so stay tuned next week for an exciting sneak peek of upcoming projects and additions to our website.  In the meantime, continue to practice all of our health safety protocols as we continue to keep our community safe.

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