Behind the Scenes by Judy Toupin …

October End of Season Thoughts …

Another season ends, a short one, but a remarkably successful one. Seems like we waited so long for the various “Steps” to take place and we did not open until July 17th, but it was super busy with over 1500 people visiting our museum!

Thank you to our amazing On-Site Summer Team. We are successful because of the teamwork involved. Mia and Amy were responsible for the Rock Painting that took place at the Vendors Markets as well inside in our Community Exhibit Area. This was an interactive part of our programming that provided enjoyment for all ages and has resulted in a beautiful rock garden at the entrance to the Museum.

Rock Garden
Rock Garden
Handprint Mural

They also ran the handprint program; these handprint canvasses have been collected and they will become part of an outdoor mural that will be mounted next season on the outside wall of the Museum. The handprints consist of all ages, including a group from our local Algonquin Nursing Home residents.

As if they weren’t busy enough, they created a fun online Alternate Reality Game (ARG)!

Thank you to our behind-the-scenes team member, Graeme, who diligently worked on part of the digitization of our collections process.

Stack of accession cards
Accession cards

Many thanks to Diane Gallupe who donated two of her quilts to help raise money for the Museum. It is much appreciated, and I know our winners were super excited. Thank you to all for your support.

A big shout-out to our volunteer Board Members who helped us stay open 7-days a week – the first time we’ve attempted to do this. It was well worth the extra effort that it took.

We have made it through the covid.2 season with flying colours! We worked in partnership with the Town Recreation Department on the monthly Sunday Vendors Market at Explorer’s Point.

Each one drew more people with vendors, the Car Show, a BBQ and, of course, great live music. We know we would like to continue this event and build on things. It was the first time doing something like this and we know it will become a popular community event, with more participants and visitors.

Looking to the 2022 Season, We Have an Exciting Announcement …

We recently had a visit from our local Metis elder and Master Birch Bark Canoe builder, Marcel Labelle Birch Bark Canoes by Mahigan. It is with great joy, excitement, and pride that we announce that he will be building a new 20-foot birch bark canoe on Explorer’s Point.


I was asked which indigenous language I speak. I speak Michif but I am fluent in a more Universal language. The language that the forest and all its inhabitants; flora, fungus, fauna, animal, etc.) speak. One that humankind must relearn if we are to have a future on our Mother Earth.

∼ Mahigan

This will be a wonderful opening for our 2022 season. The build will begin in mid-May and finish about mid-August. We will also welcome Joanne Labelle, who will be running mini canoe building workshops throughout the summer and those dates/times will be announced as the season gets closer.

There are also other programming events planned, so watch your inbox for more and please share with friends and family. Together, we are building back after a challenging couple of years for everyone. Subscribe to our news on this website to get updates on planned events.

As curator, I am proud to be a part of the museum team, because it is “our” museum. With a family history of many generations here in Mattawa, I am also very happy to be a part of helping community come together.

Environmental activities to engage the kids over Thanksgiving weekend

… until next season, stay well, stay healthy, keep sharing stories and making memories

Thank you, meegwetch, merci


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