Behind the Scenes by Alex Guscott …

This week …

I worked on a few display cases. I finished taking inventory of all the items in the cases and then worked on their design.

We have a few very old ledgers and journals from past businesses in Mattawa (dating back as far as 1862) that we want to display, but we had no book cradles too support them while they are open. Laying a book flat and open can cause damage to the books over time.

So, I made some. I started by making a sort of prototype out of white foam core to see if it would even work as I wanted it too. When I realized it would work, I started making custom cradles for each book we wanted to display. I did my best to support the books spines and create natural angles for the books to open to. As a finishing touch (and to cover up the very obvious tape holding the cradles together), I covered the cradles in black felt.

My very rough prototype…

A few of the book cradles I made.

They aren’t quite finished in this photo! I forgot to take a photo of the finished cradles before I left on Thursday.

As well, I selected many of the items that would be put back on display in the display cases. We wanted to select items that help tell Mattawa history best. For instance, we chose items from our collection for our Indigenous and Metis exhibits that reflect the groups in the Mattawa area best. Then, we researched and created concise labels to name the objects and explain their significance. We have done our best to reach out to people from Indigenous and Metis communities to gain better knowledge and understanding of their culture.

Moreover, I did some more painting to update a display case. I thought I was not going to have to paint again this season (I was a bit done with it after already painting multiple display cases and part of the ceiling in prior weeks), but I was wrong. All complaining aside, I thought it was something that had to be done and Judy did not force me to do it. The fresh coats of paint really did help the overall look of the case and I am happy I did it.


The murder mystery is coming to a close soon, however, participants can take their time to complete it. For those who read the answer when it is released on Tuesday, please do not spoil it for others in the group. Thank you!

We will have a draw for all participants on Tuesday and subsequently announce the winner. The prize is a Mattawa Museum logo t-shirt and face mask!

We also finished a few projects!

We finished organizing the lower level cabinet and the installation of the new LED lights. We still have a lot left to do before the end of the season (even more than we will even get to complete!) but we will do our best to get it done.

Our hope is to open next season so you can see all our work!

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