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We completed the painting of the display cases. I think they look really good. While they are still the same cases, the fresh coats of paint on the inside and outside has made them look a little more modern. Painting the inside was most challenging. I am not a professional painter of course, so it took some trial and error. The inside of the cases was a sort of natural linen material that really soaked up the paint we applied to it. We put on many coats of paint to cover it up and sanded it to make it look smoother and then put on another coat of paint for good measure. The outside of the cases was a breeze in comparison and only needed two coats of paint.

Natural linen material inside the display cases
Before …
After …

We are in the midst of changing the lights in the cases. We are switching from fluorescent to LED lighting. For museums, LED lighting is usually the best option for objects on display. LED lighting projects almost no heat and no UV radiation which means the objects on display will be better preserved. They are also very bright and energy efficient so it is well worth the effort and money to make the switch to LED lighting.

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I also started taking inventory of a display case on the main level of the museum which is part of our bigger inventory project. I removed all of the items from the case to a table and then cleaned the case. Next week, I will work on photographing each item, recording their accession numbers, and returning the items to the case.

Finally, thank you for your support of our Murder Mystery! I hope those participating are enjoying the content so far.

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