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This week…

We worked very hard to finish putting together our interactive online mystery. We have been working on it for around a month. I will not give away details, but it was very fun to create. While it was quite the process, we think that you will enjoy what we have come up with.

To start the process, we identified the need for a fundraiser and something interactive for people to take part in. Since options for events are limited, we wanted to create something online. Mia came up with the idea to create an online mystery game that everyone could play. We kind of tested out if you guys liked puzzles through our Mattawa crossword. The crossword seemed to go over well, so we thought something that was based on puzzles would work well.

Our next step was to research and create a plan. I found a few articles on how museums have presented online mystery games and considered how we could make it work for our museum. The research helped me come up with multiple ideas which made it hard to decide on exactly which direction we should go. Once we had an idea of what we wanted to do, I created a project plan and loose schedule to guide us.

After some brainstorming, we settled on the idea of a Murder Mystery. Naturally, we wanted it to have connections to Mattawa and our museum, but I won’t spoil anything. You can find out how we did that by playing along.

I am a fan of Agatha Christie novels (especially the Poirot novels), so I was completely on board.

I did not think I was a creative person. I’ve never taken part in a murder mystery or created anything along these lines, so I figured I would be very little help in the creation of a story for it. However, during the creation of this murder mystery, I learned that I am much more creative than I thought. Mia, Mariah, and I, were able to bounce ideas around and debate over what would work and what probably wouldn’t. At some points we thought we had the perfect idea, only to realize certain things just wouldn’t work or make sense so we had to adapt and make changes.

When you play,

We want you to be immersed in the story. So, forget that I told you anything about the creation of a fictional murder mystery.

Sign up now and join the fun!

Make sure that you have followed Mattawa Museum 2020 FaceBook , so you can play!

We thank you for your support and all of the money raised will be put back into projects at our museum.

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