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At the start of the week, I input some more cards into Past Perfect. Since Mia and Mariah started helping me input catalogue cards, I have noticed some great progress.

On a more creative note, I painted a rock for our upcoming community rock garden. If you have time or want a fun activity you can participate. Just make sure your rock includes this year’s date and a clear sealant for after it has been painted. I wasn’t sure what to paint, but that was part of the fun. My picture is definitely not geographically correct but I think it turned out decent.

For the rock garden…

Organizing cabinets…

One of our big tasks is taking inventory of our museum collection. I helped install additional shelving in our lower level storage area to help organize things a bit better. In the picture, you can see some of the items we have located. For each cupboard there is an inventory sheet and every item with an accession number is recorded. Then each item is photographed. The pictures will be entered into the Past Perfect system so we will have a more complete description of the artifacts.

Moreover, we set up a table for people to come and pick up their masks. Thank you for all of the orders so far! We are still taking orders for masks and we are now offering t-shirts like the ones we are wearing in the picture below with the Mattawa Museum logo or with the “I ♥ Mattawa” design. Contact us for more information or stay tuned to this website.

Masked troubadours ???

Furthermore, we brainstormed some interactive content to post on our museum’s social media accounts and website.

We created a Mattawa crossword that you can find on this website and the Mattawa Museum 2020 FaceBook page . Some of the words hint at future online exhibits. Maybe you can guess what they will be.

How well do you know Mattawa & things related?

As well, we posted a mystery item on our Facebook page for you to guess. We will give you the answer in a few days, so check it out and let us know your answer. We will post a mystery item weekly so there will be more to come.


We also found some old cookbooks with some interesting recipes we think you may want to try. This week we posted a recipe for Aunt Susan’s Lemonade which I am going to make (I will let you know how it went).

While we are remaining closed for the remainder of the season, we hope you appreciate our efforts to engage you through our weekly blog posts, social media posts, new interactive content, online exhibits, and future projects.

As always, we thank you for your support.

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