Dr. Saint-Firmin Monestime

Saint-Firmin Monestime was born on December 16, 1906 in Port au Prince, Haiti. He graduated from Medical School in 1936. In 1945, he came to Canada for a better life. During this time, he met and courted Zenaida Petschersky, a Russian immigrant.

In 1951, he establishes himself in Mattawa and opens a clinic. On February 8, 1953, he marries Zenaida Petschersky and they have four children. In 1957, he gets his Canadian citizenship and two years later he is elected the leader of Progressive Conservative Party in Mattawa.


In 1962, he ran for council and was elected. In 1963, he was elected Mayor of Mattawa.

Running for Mayor

He championed numerous housing and building developments in Mattawa, especially the construction of the Algonquin Nursing Home for seniors. In 1970, he became director of The Progressive Conservative Party and tried his hand at running for the President of Progressive Conservative Party for Nipissing, but was unsuccessful. In 1971, he was re-elected as mayor.

On October 22, 1977, he passed away.

He will always be remembered for the many contributions he did for Mattawa.


The Mattawa Museum is honored to feature a permanent exhibit supported by the Monestime family.

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