A Garden of Strength and Hope !

The garden will be a rock garden !

This garden will include two of our famous wooden statues.  The statues of Josephine and Joseph are being moved from the former Algonquin Nursing Home (ANH) location to Explorer’s Point.  It will be a garden of reflection, a dedication to our front-line workers and our community as a whole.

But, most importantly, the garden will consist of painted rocks from members of our community.

Tips & Pointers…

  1. Please include the date or #2020 somewhere on the rock.
  2. If you want to include a name, certainly.
  3. The rocks will be outside, so acrylic paint is best.
  4. Applying some type of clear sealant after the rock is painted will help preserve the rock; clear nail polish would work in a pinch.

Products that may assist you…

This glue dries clear and could be used to cover your rock once it is painted.

Resources to inspire you…

Easy Painted Rocks that are fun to make and tips!

Dot Painting on Rocks

90 Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners

40 Creative Ideas for Making Painted Rocks

We invite you to join in on the fun !

Happy Painting !

Some of the artistic contributions thus far…