Behind the Scenes by Judy Toupin…

It is so great to be ‘back’. Literally not that we went anywhere, but it’s nice to be open.  It’s been an exciting season so far, with a great many visitors from literally all over the world and from across Canada.

We are open 7 days a week now until the end of August, 10 am until 4:30 pm. 

This is a first for the museum, so we are excited to welcome everyone. If you have family/friends visiting, hope you take some time to come see the Canoe Build and visit the Museum.

Lots of changes, come and explore. Visit the Gift Shop.

Every day there will be various activities outside, so come join us at Explorer’s Point.

Wanted to take a moment to introduce our awesome summer team!

Here they are, pictured with Marcel Labelle in front of the birch bark canoe that he is building.

From left to right: Alex Roberts, Izzy Merritt, Marcel Labelle, Alex Labelle, Alex Guscott, Mia Skelling and Victoria Childs

There are stories here ….

Where two rivers meet, come share some stories with us!

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