Does anyone from the area remember collecting plastic bread tags?

In the 1980s, Donald Lavigne (resident of Mattawa), engaged the local community in the collection of bread/milk tags for his project.

He created the “Hope Church” which is made up of 159,900 bread tags, weighs 180 pounds, and it took two and half years to complete !!

Come to the museum to have a look at it!

We recently noticed that plastic bread tags are being replaced with a more environmentally friendly alternative… cardboard!

So, we are asking you to save up your cardboard bread tags and bring them to the museum.

When we collect enough, we will attempt to make something creative with the collected tags and share it with you!

You can drop your bread tags off at the museum every day this summer from 10:00-4:30.

We invite you to join the adventure!

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