New submissions for the Garden of Strength and Hope!

Updated album, so inspiring…

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People are having some fun painting some rocks for the Garden of Strength and Hope! Since it might be a while before we can get together to add our rocks, get your photos in for the album of your creations so that people can enjoy them.

Take a photo, send it to, include the name of the artist, and we will be pleased to add another page to the album.

The challenge is out there!

Join us in sharing the vision!

Well known local artist Clermont Duval has made our vision for the Garden of Strength and Hope come alive. Click the image to see the larger version.

The Mattawa & District Historical Society, our curator, and the community are very grateful to Clermont for his contribution that will inspire many others in creating memorable items for our community garden.

It is now up to the rest of you, show us what you can create!

Help us Build A Garden of Strength and Hope!

Hello everyone

We’re almost at a point where there are no words anymore … words of condolence, of prayer, of sympathies … and yes, even anger when we look at the tragedy in Nova Scotia.  I know as a Community our hearts go out to everyone there as we know what it is like to be a part of a very small, tight-knit community.

So, today was to be the launch day of a Community Project. And as I pondered things, it perhaps seems even more significant that we introduce it.

This is a new exhibit, which we will be creating outside and I’m asking for your help to build…

A Garden of Strength and Hope

This garden will include two of our famous wooden statues.  The statues of Josephine and Joseph are being moved from the former Algonquin Nursing Home (ANH) location to Explorer’s Point.  It will be a garden of reflection, a dedication to our front-line workers and our community as a whole.

So, I need your help, because this will be a rock garden!  And I’d like as many people as possible to participate. 

Be creative
Include the date or #2020 on the rock
What represents Strength and Hope to you?
Is there a particular person you would like to do a memory rock for?
A kindness rock?
These are your dedication rocks, so make them personal!
Include a name if you like

Check out the Garden of Strength and Hope page on this website for tips, tricks, and inspiration.

So, where do we go from here?

Step 1 : Find your rock(s) and unleash your creative skills!

Step 2: In these restricted times, take a picture of your creation and share it with

Sheri Wabie for the Mattawa Neighbourhood Cheer Facebook page

Teri Burton for the Friends of ANH Facebook page 

Step 3: Keep the rocks, stay tuned to this website!

Step 4: When we are ready to come together as a community to dedicate the garden, you will be able to come and add your Rocks of Strength and Hope to our Garden.

If you have any questions or comments, please email

You can register your email address on this website to keep up to date and share in other exciting upcoming projects!

Thank you