Music Maker Exhibit Unveiled October 5th at Mattawa Museum!

Victor Groulx didn’t just play music, he created it by making exquisite violins and violas. Muriel Groulx, Victor’s wife, generously donated one of each to the Mattawa Museum.  Family, friends, musicians, visitors, celebrated the man and his music on October 5th at the Mattawa Museum.

From good old down home fiddling, to classical music, Victor’s hand made violins and violas make beautiful music. Musical guests Shorty Sauve, Sandra Glabb, Nancy White, and Tomas Milczarek entertained all attendees with the sound of music.

Join us for our newest exhibit…

Coming Saturday, October 5th

Unveiling at 1 pm

The Music Maker

Victor Groulx didn’t just play music, he created it by making exquisite Violins and Violas. Muriel Groulx has generously donated one of each to our Community Museum.  Please join us as we celebrate with her, the man and his music.

In an early interview, Victor was asked “What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle”?  He said, “You carry a violin in a case, you carry your fiddle in a sac”.

Come see our Music Maker Exhibit, Saturday, October 5th at 1 pm at the Museum.

There will be music in the house!

Share your Memories of The Chip Stand and the Turcotte Family

The Mattawa Museum would like to invite you to help build a Memories Board that will remain available for submission of photos, notes, for the duration of the exhibit.

This part of the exhibit will be available for visitors to post pictures, will have post-it notes for you to share a memory or congratulations. The memories board will then be given to the Turcotte family at the end of the exhibit.

Please be advised that images of the memories board may be shared on social media and all submitted media will be retained.

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